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How to Book

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*Please note:  A 50% deposit is due in order to reserve your space in the program, and the balance is due 60 days prior to arrival. If booking within 60 days prior to arrival, payment is due in full in order to reserve.

Divemaster Internship

Programs Offered

5-Week Divemaster Internship

arrive a Rescue Diver with 30+ logged dives
Price: $1,675 USD/person


7-Week Rescue & Divemaster Internship

arrive an Advanced Open Water Diver with 20+ logged dives
Price: $2,230 USD/person


6-Week Divemaster Internship

arrive a Rescue Diver with -30 logged dives
Price: $1,775 USD/person


8-Week Rescue & Divemaster Internship

arrive an Advanced Open Water Diver with -20 logged dives
Price: $2,330 USD/person


9-Week Advanced, Rescue & Divemaster Internship

arrive an Open Water Diver        Price: $2,730 USD/person


10-Week Open Water, Advanced, Rescue & Divemaster Internship

arrive non-certified                     Price: $3,225 USD/person

All Divemaster Packages: 

A $123 PADI membership fee is not included with the pricing and must be paid directly to PADI at the conclusion of the course

Accommodations are included for the duration of the course only; dive dorm bunk rental for additional nights is $14.28 ($12 + 19% taxes)

All Divemaster Internships Include


  • Lodging in our Dive Dorm
  • The full PADI dive master course taught as an internship – assisting in courses and with resort guests at Roatán’s only south shore PADI 5-Star Dive Center and Instructor Development Center
  • Unlimited fun dives during your training
  • Lectures on coral & fish identification as well as shark conservation
  • Simulated and certified diver leads, including dive briefings
  • Shark dive at ‘Cara a Cara’ Point
  • Turtle identification dives on the island’s west side
  • PADI NITROX specialty class (does not include materials and certification fee)
  • Participate in monthly beach and ocean clean-ups
  • Weekly lionfish hunts to target this invasive species (a lionfish hunting permit must be obtained through the marine park prior to participating, at a cost of $50 including the ½ day class, spear and 2-year permit)
  • Volunteer opportunities with local conservation organizations
  • Night dive
  • Pro student discount on purchasing scuba equipment  (Rental gear is available at no charge if you haven’t yet gotten your own gear), and special rates if you’d like to get specialty certifications
  • Daily transportation between the Barefoot Cay™ Resort and the dive shop
  • 20 years of age
  • Medical exam for diving within the past 12 months
  • PADI EFR or equivalent in the past 1 yrs (CPR)

A medical exam is required prior to starting the Green Divemaster course, and is normally done on the island with a local doctor for a cost of $30-40.  For any of the courses prior to the divemaster course (for example, Advanced Open Water or Rescue Diver), there is a separate PADI Medical Statement that must be completed prior to starting the course.  If there are any ‘yes’ answers to any of the medical history questions, you must first obtain a physician’s clearance before the course can start. The second page of the form is where the physician signs off – please bring the entire form to your physician as there is important information for them on all pages.

What to Bring
  • Time monitoring device or dive computer
  • Underwater compass
  • Whistle
  • Log book
  • Dive gear (BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel) if you don’t yet have your own, rental gear is available at no additional cost for the duration of your course
  • Divemaster candidate must own a personal copy of an RDP
  • eRDPML
  • Pocket mask
  • Whistle
  • Dive knife
  • Surface signaling device